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360° Panoramic Photographs and high-quality Virtual Tours can ideally be placed in communication projects and/or Internet promotions. How can your business benefit?

The Competitive Advantage

Inserting 360° Photographs and Virtual Tours will give your website a clear advantage over the other competitors that are using a more traditional style.

Capturing Attention

Compared to the many static photographs – although well made – in your competitors’ websites, the 360° Images will immediately capture the visitors’ attention and make sure that your message makes a greater impression than the others!

Clear and Complete Information

360° Photographs and Virtual Tours will allow the visitor to see the environment, the service or the product at its best. The clearness and completeness of the way you communicate will be appreciated. A point in your favor.

A Virtual Showroom

Panoramic 360° Photographs are as close as possible to “being there”. That’s why they are also called Virtual Reality. It will be like having potential clients in your showroom.

Let’s Guest Explore your beautiful property through 360 photos. A 360 Photo is a photo that allows your guest to view more than just a snapshot of a scene. Some types of 360 photos even let them view the scene from every angle: above, below, behind and next to them. The place where we strongly recommence you to create 360 photos is swimming pool, lobby, all of your room types, restaurant and bars and fitness center.
A photo snapshots on your website is always hiding some angles which cannot provide a full view of your property, so it is a time to give a new experience to attract your client through the new age of visual contents. At 360 Cambodia, we provide a free of charge consultant on how you can create this exciting content and ready to give it out to the world.