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Two balanced altars, Thom Manon and Chau Say the same in plan and design and twins likewise in ruin.

Chau Say Tevoda is situated east of the Gate of Victory of Angkor Thom, across the street south from Thommanon, 500metres (1,640feet) off the street. An enter and leave Chau Say Tevoda by the north passage. It was implicit the finish of the eleventh century-first 50% of the twelfth century by lord Suryavarman II in Hindu with following Angkor Wat style workmanship.


Chau Say Tevoda and Thommanon are two little landmarks near one another (on the left and right roadsides) and comparative in arrangement and style. Albeit the exact dates of these landmarks are obscure, they have a place with the best time of exemplary craftsmanship elaborately and address two varieties of a solitary topic of the piece. Chau Say Tevoda has weakened more than Thommanon.


Chau Say Tevoda is rectangular in arrangement, with a Central Sanctuary opening to the east, an encasing divider with a section tower in the encasing divider at the east passageway.

Strolling towards the sanctuary one can see hints of a canal and remnants of a laterite base of an encasing divider.

Section TOWERS

The section towers are generally annihilated aside from hints of the bases and step ways with etched advances. A raised thoroughfare (3) on three columns of octagonal backings (later than the landmark) and a porch interface the east section pinnacle to a close-by stream toward the east.


At the south of the entry, a scene portrays the battle of Sugriva and Vali, at the north of the section (East Side) the reliefs incorporate monkeys, Siva, and Parvati on a bull, and apsaras.


A long room with a patio (4) goes before the square Central Sanctuary associating it with the east section tower by an entry raised on three lines of segments of which just follows remain. This long room is covered with an example of blossoms recorded in squares and etched with stone blossoms, for example, are seen at Banteay Srei and Baphuon. The three bogus entryways of the Central Sanctuary are improved with foliage and segments with precious stone formed examples (tablets) and blossoms (on the left); human figures highlight a portion of the groups of foliage in the segments.