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Sem Sara

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Hello and greeting from Aforative Media, Siem Reap, Cambodia. One of the most attractive national and international tourist sites for a great ancient temple known as Angkor Wat.

I am Sara, Cambodian 360-degree photo professional base in Siem Reap. I started to love doing this kind of photo three years ago as I want to provide a new experience of the way to see temples, tourism sites, and views in Siem Reap province as well as Cambodia. The gear I use is DSLR camera which could provide a high quality of photo to upload on the website and social media, Google Street View and Google Map, especially.

I am so happy with a certificate from Google Street View Trusted Pro as it means that our quality 360-degree photo is great and qualify to use on google street view as well as google map and your official business website.

I am always ready to consult and provide a service at any time.

Thank you so much! 

Your Sincerely, 

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